Thermographic Service

Cheyenne Electric, Inc. is now proud to offer thermal imaging services. Many hospitals, data centers, and industrial businesses in East Texas are already required to have an annual thermal electrical inspection of their facility for insurance, safety, and preventive services.

Why Thermal Imaging?

Millions of switchboards and control panels have faults that can’t be seen by the human eye. Attempting to find these potential failures with only visual inspections is a costly, time-consuming process that may not locate the problems. Electrical thermal imaging is the most efficient way to detect faults, hot spots and loose connections. When an electrical system begins to have problems, it gives off heat as a byproduct of electrical resistance. Thermal imaging cameras record and visually display this emitted heat to show the exact location of the electrical defect. As you can imagine, thermal imaging simplifies diagnosis and repairs significantly.

A thermal electrical inspection is facilitated by a thermal imaging camera that will scan your facility for electrical faults in any and all electrical components and equipment.

Routine thermal electrical inspections will reduce repair costs and decrease lost production hours that result during unexpected down time. Unchecked electrical system failures can result in fires or dangerous explosions. Thermal electrical inspections are designed to identify potential equipment failures before they happen so that appropriate preventive action can be taken. The decreased liability of a thermally inspected electrical system even encourages some insurance providers to offer discounted rates. Studies show electrical thermographic inspections have a pay back to the customer of 4:1!