Parking Lot Lighting Repair & Adventures

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Cheyenne Electric OWNS the equipment we use to repair our customers parking lot lights.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

  • You never have to rely on rental equipment availability. We will always be there when we say will!
  • Most electrical contractors mark up the rental fee before you see it. We are able to give you a better rate on owned equipment. We won’t charge you the extra insurance, environmental fees, or dealer inventory tax that you would pay another contractor who rents their equipment.
  • Our minimum charge for equipment time is 2 hours on all our equipment. A rental company will have  a 4 – 8 hour minimum, depending on the equipment. More money saved!
  • We maintain our own equipment. We perform daily maintenance inspections before each piece of equipment is used. We also have scheduled biannual professional inspections to make sure our equipment is reliable for you as a customer.

What equipment do we own?

  • 70′ Reach Bucket Truck services ball field lighting and extra tall parking lot lighting
  • 50′ Towable Lift services most exterior building and parking lot lighting.
  • 19′ Scissor Lift services your indoor lighting needs.
  • Digger Derrick Truck assists us in heavy duty wire pulls, setting poles, lifting heavy equipment, and drilling holes.

Will we have the parts needed to make the repairs?

Yes! We keep a lighting log book for all our customers. We record the light type each customer has in this book after each repair is made. So when you call to schedule your repair, we will know what material is needed and will have it with us when we come. This saves you extra labor charges that would be incurred if it was necessary to leave the jobsite to obtain materials. More Money Saved!!!!

Why don’t you want to repair your own exterior lights?

Here are some fun things we have encountered over the years inside the light fixtures we repair:

  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Birds Nests with Angry Momma Bird nearby
  • Snakes
  • Bats
  • Cockroaches
  • Rats

The picture attached to this article is of  two of the seven bats found inside one parking lot light recently! They may appear friendly, but this scenario can cause a multitude of problems for an inexperienced person, especially at this height. Our electricians have the safety equipment and experience to handle these situations with ease.

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**Check out our “Services” page to see pics of our bucket truck in action

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