Energy Services

Energy Savings Surveys

Cheyenne Electric, Inc. is available to consult with you regarding energy saving solutions for your organization/commercial properties. We will do a full lighting analysis of any or all of your locations.

Cheyenne Electric, Inc. uses the latest available technology in the design and installation of your lighting systems. We can install or retrofit your existing lighting system to use up to 50 percent less electricity while providing a better illumination of light. We can even save you money in your warehouse by replacing “energy hog” hi-bay gas fixtures with hi-bay T5, T8, or LED lighting systems. Bottom line: better illumination at a lower cost of energy!

Here are some more reasons to upgrade your facility to energy efficient lighting:

  • Longer life on lamps & ballasts – lower maintenance costs.
  • Multiple (4-6) lamps in hi-bay fluorescent fixtures vs. one lamp in hi-bay gas fixture – lower maintenance costs (warehouse)
  • Energy efficient electronic ballasts run cool 24/7 vs. magnetic or gas ballasts which are extremely hot – savings on cooling costs.
  • Labor & material payback usually in 18 to 24 months.
  • Worth mentioning again, better lighting with a savings up to 50%!

Here are two samples of the incredible savings we were able to offer our customers using incentive programs:

Big 5 Tire, All 3 Longview Locations

  • Retrofitted (261) 8′ T12 light fixtures to T8 light fixtures
  • Estimated Annual Energy Savings $8,309.69

Courthouse Athletic Club Gym Lighting Upgrade

  • Replaced (53) 400 watt metal halide fixtures with (20) 6-lamp T5 F-Bay fixtures
  • Increased lumen output from 10.6fc to an average of 34fc
  • Estimated Energy Savings = $3,546 annually (@ 0.07$/kWh)

Onsite Led Lighting Showcase

We invite you to visit our facility, which showcases the most energy efficient lighting available. Cheyenne Electric is the only electrical contractor in the area with an onsite showcase of LED lighting installed and in use from office lighting to parking lot lighting. Links to brochures on our showcase products follow.

Office Lighting

LED Can lighting
LED 15 watt 4′ Tube Light

Warehouse Lighting

T5 6 lamp F-Bays

Site Lighting

3 Variations of LED Wall Packs

Impact Elite Wall Series
Lumark LED 2A and 4A Wal-Paks

3 Variations of LED Pole Lights

Ventus 6-Bar and 12-Bar Pole Lights
Lumark 3-Bar Cobra Head Pole Light